Good day for Gus Hansen in Full Tilt's mixed game

Good day for Gus Hansen in Full Tilt's mixed game

Thursday, 15 April 2010

In recent times, the real high stakes action has been found mostly in the PLO games. Gus Hansen yesterday proved that it's still possible to turn a very handy profit in other, less fashionable games though.

The great Dane went on a bit of a heater during the Full Tilt mixed games, with his biggest profit coming in the $1,500/$3,000 stud games. Hansen followed his $198k stud profit by taking down a further $75k in PLO and another $120K in the other games. All told his day's work earned him almost $400k from just over 1,400 hands. Nice.

Hansen wasn't the only big winner though. MicahJ has been on a terrific run of late and kept that momentum going with another bumper score of almost $264K. Cole South and Lars Luzak were both up by more than $164K with Durrrr continuing his fine form, upping his roll by $106K in 1,661 hands.

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