Full Tilt Poker launches short-handed happy hour

Full Tilt Poker launches short-handed happy hour

Monday, 13 December 2010

Those of us with natural VPIP/PFR numbers of 40/35 plus will be happy to play at Full Tilt Poker this week where short-handed games are receiving double FTPs (player points) for cash game tables, excluding heads-up play and Rush Poker.

Any game with half the seats empty (a six-max game with three or less players; a full ring game with five or less players) qualifies for Short-Handed Happy Hour and all players will receive double FTPs for their play in raked pots. But there’s more...

Full Tilt are still running their normal Happy Hour promotions alongside this short-handed one, which runs throughout the month of December. If you sit at a short-handed table during a normal Happy Hour then you’ll receive TRIPLE FTPs for your trouble.

For each dollar raked, 10 FTPs are awarded and split between all players involved in the pot. This means at small stakes games you can earn up to 150 FTPs in a big pot.

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