Full Tilt Poker Update Banned Software List.

Full Tilt Poker Update Banned Software List.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Full Tilt Poker have updated their list of software that players are banned from using at their site. This covers software that the powers-that-be feel gives those who use it an unfair and/or unethical advantage over others.

Firstly, all bot programs are banned. Bots are programs set up to play dozens of tables at once - they are an unfair advantage as they never get tired, tilted or take breaks and can make a consistent source of money. Don't worry, though - they've not made an unbeatable NLHE bot yet.

Also off the list are datamining and communal hand history programs that give players access to a huge volume of hands. While PokerTracker is allowed, these are not. The difference is that, in theory, all the information that PokerTracker gets you could be ascertained by the player. Programs that use hand histories from games the player didn't play in are strictly forbidden, though.

Overall, the site asserts, "Players must make all betting decisions on their own and without assistance of any type." This also covers odds calculators and betting suggestion programs.

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