Finnish players continue domination of high stakes games

Finnish players continue domination of high stakes games

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Finland continues to be the main beneficiary of Black Friday as Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, Patrik Antonius and Jens Kyollonen continued to win money at the high stakes tables. We already reported that the three were up over $2.1m but now thanks to renewed efforts from Ziigmund and Antonius, it’s over $3m.

Even Gus Hansen has seen the light and moved to Finland. Nah, not really – though he did tell Sahamies that he was in Helsinki for the European Squash Championships. Knowing Gus, that could well be some kind of euphemism:

Ziigmund: are you coming back?
Gus Hansen: Ziigmund please dont go broke – you are such a talented player – at least in your own mind
Gus Hansen: funny that I play Ziigmund – and I am in Helsinki
Ziigmund: what u r doing here
Ziigmund: holiday?
Gus Hansen: European championship in squash
Ziigmund: ok
Gus Hansen: in Espoo
Ziigmund: cool

Sahamies was up over $300,000 against Gus at Omaha at the time this conversation took place. However, Hansen is still the year’s biggest winner on over $3.4m profit thus far.

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