FTOPS over – zhivago2 wins Main Event

FTOPS over – zhivago2 wins Main Event

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Full Tilt Poker’s fourteenth run of their FTOPS tournament series came to an end over the weekend, with over 5,000 players competing in the $535 Main Event and generating a prize pool the better part of $3,000,000.

The event was hosted by Tom “durrrr” Dwan and while he obviously had no interest in the tournament – the man is used to winning or losing the total prize pool in a single day – many Full Tilt Pros turned out to make a better effort.

Of the 70-odd Full Tilt Pros competing in the event, a few made the money – Brandon Adams and Jeff Madsen made small cashes while Dave Colclough boasting the best pro finish when he was busted in 250th.

Adam Junglen, something of a fixture at big final tables, eventually finished third after a three-way chip-chop divvied up the huge sums of money remaining in the prize pool.

The full final table placings and payouts are as follows:

1. zhivago2 $418,839.16
2. ItsTime2Win $316,554.40
3. Adam Junglen $290,418.94
4. dfunks222 $175,072
5. kinheim $131,167.23
6. bankrollme87 $90,271.50
7. nuts7878 $58,813.25
8. Valuechecking $41,032.50
9. Dr Fill Good $28,722.75

Join Full Tilt in order to compete in the next FTOPS. They are never too far apart.

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