FTOPS XI continues as last year’s champion takes down another event

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

This past week the Sunday Million was once again eclipsed. However, it’s for good reason as the eleventh run of FTOPS began last Monday. So far there have been seven events but just over $3.3m has been given away across the tournaments.

The first event was NLHE with a $216 buy-in. The heads-up stage saw Lady Luck lending a hand or two to eventual winner David ‘muckducks’ Cairns. He entered heads-up play against sticky seat with more than a 3-1 chip deficit. He evened the stacks by sucking out with A6o against sticky seat’s QQ, followed by defeating QQ again with a rivered 7 holding 77, then he finally finished off the unfortunate runner-up when Cairns’s JT got all-in pre-flop with sticky seat’s AK. The flop fell 89Q.
In Event 2, a knockout tournament of PLO8, ramjem made trip kings for high and avoided a low board to eliminate Chessmanrus and take down the tournament for $61,494.

Event 3 was another one of those weird games, a $216 Stud tourney. AsMetzmagnyAs received rolled-up Jacks at the most convenient of times – all the money went in on sixth street and his opponent was drawing slim with only split queens. AsMetzmagnyAs’s hand held up and he won $27,503.34.
By far the most impressive performance was that of Va Shon Watkins, aka Julian Verse, who took down the FTOPS X Main Event last year. He managed to best the final table of the $322 triple shootout event to make it an FTOPS double and win $45,927.

Event 5, six-handed Limit Hold ‘em, generated a $44k first prize and saw TOPTEN take down a field of 1,603 to take the title. In Event 6, NoPasaran came out on top. The event was a $535 PLO event with $300k guaranteed but the ever-growing popularity of Omaha showed as the guarantee was smashed, bringing a $448k prize pool to the day.

The most recent event was the $109 NLHE rebuy event, which saw 2,235 original entrants, 3,286 rebuys and 1,361 add-ons form a $688,200 prize pool. TheUniverse112 was the man to take it down, picking up $140,358 in the process.

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