Everyone’s a winner on Full Tilt Poker.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

It’s not the winning or the losing, our mums always told us, it’s the taking part. Of course, our mums are rubbish at poker.

However our mums have obviously been having strong words with the guys at RailHaven and other nosebleed tables as we have no major losses to report this week. Of course, for people to win, someone lost, but it’s only -$100,000 each or so for the losers – nothing to worry about.

Durrrr is currently in the midst of a $3m downswing but hopefully a $330k win will cheer him up a little. He managed some small victories against Patrik Antonius and LarsLuzak to make up for his torrid January.

OnTheRize is truly living up to his screen name. His graph over the past 30 days shows an amazing $900,000 profit and we predict this is going to continue a sharp rise over the next few weeks.

The next person to win big was trex313, who finished up $494,000 after a nice day’s work. He made most of this at the HA tables as well as Gus Hansen’s PLO tables.

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