Eurolinx offers ‘humanitarian aid’ to poker players

Eurolinx offers ‘humanitarian aid’ to poker players

Friday, 3 July 2009

There is nothing more frustrating in poker than having your Aces cracked by a vastly inferior hand. The good people at EuroLinx have recognised this and will offer a refund of whatever a player has in the pot up to a maximum of €25.

“During a six day trial in June we gave Aces Never Lose refunds to about five hundred players,” said David F of “We had one player – he didn’t know about the offer. Poor guy. He flopped three aces against pocket tens, then watched as two tens came on the turn and the river. He was cursing his opponent, but in the end it was the winner that told him he could claim his money back!”

EuroLinx’s Bad Beat Jackpot is also looking very tasty, standing at almost €80,000. Any player that loses holding four-of-a-kind 8s or better qualifies for the jackpot. 25% of the jackpot will go to the winner of the hand with 25% split between the other players who actively participated in the hand.

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