Dwan murdurrrrrs Antonius in the first few hands

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

You can’t read too much into the first 3,946 hands of the long-awaited Tom Dwan vs Patrik Antonius four-tabling extravaganza. Pot-Limit Omaha has a notoriously high variance, as does heads-up play. Combine the two…

To date the pair have played four sessions, five if you count a four-hand affair that only saw Dwan pay $0.50 in rake before buggering off to $500/$1,000. The first approached five hours in length and saw 1,535 hands in which Dwan finished up $134,192 after an early struggle.

The second session lasted only 15 minutes as Dwan said he would prefer to play $500/$1,000 when games are going. In this short space of time the two played 92 hands and Dwan won just under a buy-in.

Session number three was the first time Antonius finished in the black, and he did in style by taking $228,069 net profit off the table. This also meant he was up overall for the first time in the challenge, with a +$56k total.

However, their next three-hour session saw Dwan come back with a $206,757 victory after 1,027 hands. Overall. Dwan is up $149,978.00 and Antonius is down $150,805.50 after 3,946 hands. Check back next week for more updates.

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