Dwan gets out of his downswing as Luzak kills Ivey

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

It’s been widely reported that Tom Dwan is in the midst of an immense $3m downswing online and live. Given that that’s more than 100x the bankroll of a winning $5/$10 player, it’s quite alarming.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the young gun either, as his million dollar heads-up challenge against three of the game’s best players is due to start very soon. He’ll take on Patrik Antonius at PLO (this one is a tough call) David Benyamine at PLO (we think he’ll lose this one) and Phil Ivey at NLHE (we think he’ll actually win this one – Ivey just doesn’t put in the hands to play four tables profitably against durrrr).
However, in 48 hours last week durrrr found himself up over seven figures. In the past week he is up $1.32m and not a moment too soon, as Patrik seems eager to begin the challenge:
durrrr: hey, when r we starting?
durrrr: u on good intnet yet?
Patrik Antonius: my connection is good now
durrrr: o nice?
durrrr: k i'll call ya tomorrow @ some pt
durrrr: o didnt see big hand other tbl sry
Patrik Antonius: we can start soon
Patrik Antonius: we can start today if other games will dry out
Patrik Antonius: if u feel like it
durrrr: nah im tired, ill call ya tomorrow n we can start then
Patrik Antonius: ok
durrrr: wt stakes r we playing?
Patrik Antonius: 200 400 plo
durrrr: kk
We can’t wait.
Oh, and LarsLuzak took $800,000 or so off Phil Ivey. However, Phil Ivey is the man who said of his recent Super Bowl bet: “I either broke even or lost $800,000; what’s the difference?”

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