Dwan extends lead over Antonius to $1,392,760.50

Dwan extends lead over Antonius to $1,392,760.50

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Despite the huge variance in high-stakes heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha, many are predicting that Tom Dwan has near enough secured the $500,000 side bet from Patrik Antonius after 33,000 hands.

A session yesterday saw durrrr extend his lead by a further $315,000; taking it to nearly $1.4m. If the two break even for the remaining hands, Dwan will be looking at a cool $1,892,760.50 payday from the Finn.

According to High Stakes DB, durrrr has run at approximately 5BB/100 (that’s $20 a hand, by the way) for the first 32,795 hands. Antonius would need to double this winrate for the next 18,305 hands to win the challenge – if he did, he would earn over $1.5m from Dwan.

Antonius would have lost over $400,000 had he not gotten incredibly lucky in the day’s largest pot. He had 3-bet before the flop with 3s-4h-6s-7h and gotten a call from Dwan. The 7s-Qc-4c flop gave him two pair and he check-called a $4,800 into the $7,200 pot.

On the Jh turn he check-raised all-in only to be snapped off by durrrr, who held Qh-Qs-5h-3h for top set. Antonius, down to just 7.5% equity with a dominated full house draw and a gutshot, hit the miracle 5s on the river to take the $150,778 pot with a straight.

Watch the action live at Full Tilt Poker – will durrrr win $500,000 or can Antonius make a comeback to take $1.5m from the 23-year-old?

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