Dwan and Ivey win big at Full Tilt Poker

Dwan and Ivey win big at Full Tilt Poker

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Yesterday was a rare occasion where both Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey lost money at Full Tilt Poker but the two made up for it today by winning around $250,000 apiece and thus setting the Universe back in order.

Ivey played a little under 500 hands of a variety of games to earn his paycheque while Dwan destroyed the CAP PLO games for over $600,000. He went on to lose out at NL and the 7-game to bring his Monday profit to $252,211.

The biggest pot of the day was a blind vs blind battle at $300/$600 PLO when Antonius called Dwan’s $4,200 flop bet and was then check-raised on the turn of a 6d-7s-Qs-Jd board. Antonius held As-2s-Tc-8c for the nut flush draw and double gutshot straight draw; durrrr flipped up Js-Jh-6s-2d for a flush draw and middle set. The Kd on the river completed Antonius’s broadway straight and he took a $175,000 pot.

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