Dwan and Antonius take to challenge tables again

Dwan and Antonius take to challenge tables again

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tom Dwan obviously feels he’s won back enough of his bankroll to cope with the variance of the heads-up PLO challenge against Patrik Antonius, and it proved a wise decision as he bolstered said bankroll by over $200,000 in just over an hour and 326 hands.

Dwan and the Finn played 362 hands, bringing the total played to 29,764 with durrrr holding a solid $937,271 lead. This is over 23 buy-ins at $200/$400 and it seems durrrr has had a distinct edge over the past 30,000 hands – his results so far show him running at 7.8BB/100.

The largest pot of this most recent session fell just shy of a quarter-million dollars when Antonius 5-bet pre-flop then put the rest of his money in on a Ks-7h-Jc flop. His KQJ9 gave him top two pair, a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. Dwan was absolutely crushed with JT98; more than a 2-1 underdog with top pair and a dominated straight draw. However, he managed to hit a 9 on the river to make his hand and take a $238k pot.

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