Dwan and Antonius fight on in the durrrr challenge

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius are now up to over 7,000 hands played of the 50,000 hand challenge with games resuming far more frequently than last month.
In February and early March many railbirds wondered if the challenge was cancelled – however, both players obviously have busy schedules and have to squeeze in the hands when they can.

Antonius had a very good last session – the pair played across four PLO tables for over 1hr20m and clocked up almost 500 hands in a session that saw Antonius profit $92,000. This brings the running total to Antonius being up $23,467.50 – less than half a buy-in.

The full session results and totals are as follows (provided by the posters at twoplustwo.com):

Session 10:

Table 1) TD -$6,815.00 PA +$6,790.00 109 hands
Table 2) TD +$43,038.50 PA -$43,063.50 113 hands
Table 3) TD -$120,353.50 PA +$120,329.00 109 hands
Table 4) TD -$7,989.00 PA +$7,966.00 129 hands
82 minutes 460 hands
TD -$92,119.00 PA +$92,021.50

Total to date:
TD -$24,956.00 PA +$23,467.50 22h3m 7,087 hands

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