Dwan Takes Hansen for $480,000 Heads-Up

Dwan Takes Hansen for $480,000 Heads-Up

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Gus Hansen had a great session of Omaha against Brian “Stinger88” Hastings recently, winning $350,000 against whom many consider to be the best Pot-Limit Omaha player in the world.

However, his decision to take on Tom Dwan proved unwise as the variance of Omaha, especially heads-up, reared its ugly head. Despite his huge win against Stinger, Hansen managed to leave durrrr’s table with an overall loss of $480,000. Ouchies!

In one large pot the two got $181,994 in the middle before the flop. Hansen held AQQT with a suited ace and durrrr flipped KKJ5 with a suited king. Despite Hansen flopping the nut flush draw on a 766 board, durrr’s higher pair held up to ship him the pot.

Overall, Dwan’s net profit was around $200,000 after a bad spell in the mixed HA games later on in the evening.

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