Dwan Clocks Huge Win in the 'durrrr Challenge'

Dwan Clocks Huge Win in the 'durrrr Challenge'

Friday, 12 June 2009

Prior to their latest session it seemed that Antonius was running away with the durrrr challenge. Prior to this morning’s session, Antonius was over $400,000 up after 15,000 hands.

However, a 2-hour session of just fewer than 800 hands saw Dwan storm back to bring the gap within 100 big blinds. Now Antonius leads by a mere $38,000 after being absolutely demolished in a killer game.

So far this challenge has been nothing if not an example of the sick variance that can occur playing heads-up Omaha. In one hand, durrrr flopped a set versus Antonius’s wrap. The Finn got his money in good when he completed his flush draw on the turn but a paired deuce on the river made Dwan a boat to take the $230k pot.

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