Durrrr's $1 000 000 challenge

Durrrr's $1 000 000 challenge

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The biggest talk of the week was Tom “durrrr” Dwan’s challenge to every player in the world (except Phil Galfond). Fifty thousand hands, four tables of at least $200/$400 NLHE, PLO or both and whoever finishes a dollar or more up after rake wins. If Dwan wins he receives $500,000 from his opponent plus whatever he won in the games; if he loses he pays out $1.5m on top of losses.

So what has led him to challenge the best players in the world? Ivey, Antonius and Benyamine have all accepted the challenge so the 22-year-old pro will have his work cut out.

However, his edge comes from the four-tabling element – anyone who has ever tried to multi-table heads-up knows how hard it is. With four tables, Dwan’s opponents will be faced with two, three or four difficult decisions at once. Therein lies his edge.

David Benyamine, or “David Benyamine” as MR B 2 U SON is known, was obviously getting some practise in and if I were durrrr I’d be slightly nervous – MR B crushed the HA tables for over $500,000 last week after a dry run at the tables.

One man who has had a very good start to 2009 is Ziigmund. After losing $1.7m while playing hungover, the Finn has bounced back to show a great profit last week. He played Patrik Antonius and David Benyamine (note how two of the three people due to play durrrr are practising heads-up play) and caned them both for a cool $400,000.

This included a $218,000 PLO pot in which the Finn (the less handsome one) made a great river call against Antonius holding just two pair with AQJT on a J822 board. Antonius was on a semi-bluff with a wrap draw and flush draw and missed his outs. Ziigmund then played them both again the next day and won just shy of $500,000.

If I were durrrr, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Patrik who?

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