Durrrr loses nearly $2,000,000 at high stakes PLO

Durrrr loses nearly $2,000,000 at high stakes PLO

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Good news for us – the high stakes games are back in full flow. Bad news for durrrr – he’s wondering where $1.95m of his money has gone. A disastrous series of PLO sessions at Full Tilt Poker has seen durrrr drop first $1.1m then $850k over the course of the weekend. That’s gotta sting.

The largest pot of the weekend exemplified durrrr’s luck throughout the two-day period. Dwan called Ziigmund’s 4-bet out of position, creating a $54,000 pot with almost $150k behind. Sahamies called durrrr’s $30,000 flop bet before putting him all in on a turn of 9d-Qh-As-4s for $120,000.

Dwan called and flipped QJ97 for two pairs, whereas Ziigmund held KKQ6 with two spades. Sure enough, the river was the ten of spades to complete a runner-runner flush for the Finn who took a $351,184 pot.

Patrik Antonius profited almost half a million this weekend, with around 40% of that coming from durrrr. Phil Ivey netted nearly a million dollars in the same two day period.

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