Durrrr, Ivey and Antonius in high stakes PLO action

Durrrr, Ivey and Antonius in high stakes PLO action

Monday, 30 August 2010

There's been a glut of cap PLO action online lately that he reduced the size of the pots and made railing far less entertaining. The big guns were back in action over the weekend though with Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius amongst others hitting the uncapped $300/$600 PLO tables at Full Tilt.

Ivey was the biggest winner of the trio, ending yesterday up $576k after racking up almost 1,125 hands in a variety of games. Patrik Antonius was less fortunate, finishing down $575k. Tom Dwan found time away from the Durrrr Challenge with Jungleman12 to take part in one of the biggest pots of the year.

Durrrr banged heads with high stakes newcomer cadillac1944 in a massive pot that was eventually worth $528. Patrik Antonius's min raise was called by Durrrr, Phil Ivey, URnotINdanger2, Cadillac1944 and Urindanger in the big blind. Cadillac1944 bet $7,800 into the 4h8d3s flop. Urindanger called, Dwan raised to $32,500, Ivey and URnotINdanger2 folded, Cadillac1944 re-raised to $105,300, Urindanger folded and Durrrr went all in for $307,685. Cadillac1944 made the call revealing Qd8s10s4d, making him a slight dog against Durrrr's 5d6c8c4s with plenty of split pot possibilities. A king on the turn changed nothing but a seven on the river gave Durrrr the straight. The players ran it twice and again it was Dwan who was victorious after the 6d on the river gave him another straight.

Gus Hansen's sorry run continued over the weekend with the the Dane dropping over $1.1m.

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