Durrrr Challenge locked up? Antonius down $1.75m

Durrrr Challenge locked up? Antonius down $1.75m

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tom “durrrr” Dwan scored yet another win in the Durrrr Challenge versus Patrik Antonius, who must be strongly considering buying out by now. The young American earned a $342,157 victory in their last 364-hand session which takes his overall lead to $1,755,708 with almost 70% of the hands played.

Antonius would need to go on a massive rush in order to earn back the money, making over $100 per hand or, in online tracking terms, running at more than 12BB/100 for the remaining 17,000 hands.

Dwan and Antonius had some swings at first with each player winning and losing a million dollars but now it seems that Dwan has taken his lead to new heights and it is difficult to see how Antonius can possibly come back from it.

Their largest pot in yesterday’s session topped $200,000 when durrrr called Antonius’s 5-bet before the flop to create a $64,800 pot. The rest of the money went in on a 3d-9c-2c flop and the pot totalled $213,000.
Antonius had AKK6 for an overpair but durrrr had plenty of outs – his Ac-4c-9h-7h had top pair on the board, a gutshot wheel draw, the nut flush draw and backdoor straight draws plus outs for two pair and trips. Overall he had just under 40% equity in the hand. A 7s turn made him two pair and left Antonius drawing to a few outs, which he couldn’t hit, losing the massive pot.

You can watch the action live at Full Tilt Poker.

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