Durrrr Challenge – Antonius claws back; still down $1.8m

Durrrr Challenge – Antonius claws back; still down $1.8m

Monday, 3 May 2010

It seems that Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius are eager to get the 50,000 hand Durrrr Challenge over with – in the past four days they have played more sessions than we have seen since the very beginning of the challenge.

The running total is that durrrr is up $1,844,430 after having played 38,974 leaving the two with a little over 11,000 hands to play. Antonius is at this point simply trying to minimise his losses as it is very unlikely he can maintain a winrate of 40BB/100 that is needed to get back to even.

Their most recent sessions have seen a couple of huge pots, two of them among the ten largest we’ve seen in the past 39,000 hands. In a 3-bet pot, Dwan check-raised Antonius’s $6,000 bet to $19,800 on a Kd-3s-2s board holding KKT2 for top set. The Qc turn saw another check-raise from durrrr, this one for the $160,000 stacks. Antonius called it off with Qs-8s-7d-3d for two pair and a flush draw but he couldn’t hit any of his outs and lost out on the $367,000 pot.

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