DrugsOrMe wins half a million from Gus Hansen

DrugsOrMe wins half a million from Gus Hansen

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Gus Hansen may have a World Series of Poker bracelet to brag about now but unfortunately for The Great Dane it doesn’t seem to have done much towards improving his online results.

A couple of nights ago he took on the unknown player DrugsOrMe at the CAP PLO $500/$1,000 game and, despite the pots being capped at $80,000 still managed to drop half a million dollars throughout the course of their session.

According to High Stakes DB, DrugsOrMe isn’t a total unknown and a quick Google (that valuable journalistic research technique) some hand histories from as early as 2007 can be dug up. What he’s been doing for the past three years is a mystery but it’s certainly a nice welcome back to the high stakes online tables.

Gus Hansen is now down almost $10,000,000 since the high stakes games began tracking in 2007.

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