David “raptor” Benefield loses over a quarter million dollars

David “raptor” Benefield loses over a quarter million dollars

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A former high stakes mainstay and ex-roommate of Tom “durrrr” Dwan, David “Raptor” Benefield isn’t often seen at the nosebleed Full Tilt tables. However, he did emerge for the $200/$400 PLO games yesterday and despite putting in 1,766 hands lost more than $265,000.

Gus Hansen also competed in the CAP games but fared not much better, losing $164,000 in less than 700 hands. On the opposite end of the spectrum, NEKOTYAN and Jani Vilmunen profited from the game with the former earning over $100,000 and the Red Pro taking home almost $140,000 extra.

Despite his losses, Gus Hansen won the largest pot of the CAP games in a dramatic four-way pre-flop all-in. Hansen’s 6542 beat out AAJ4, KK98 and QQ99 by making a four-to-eight straight on a low board, winning a $65,000 pot that couldn’t help his end total.

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