Danes and Finns dominate Full Tilt

Sunday, 25 January 2009

It’s less than a month into 2009 and most people would be happy to count their poker winnings in the hundreds, or perhaps – if they’re ambitious – thousands. Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius have other ideas, however.

Last week Gus completely demolished his opponents in a storming session that saw him end a staggering $1.2m in profit. In one hand against Tom Dwan, playing a heads-up session of $500/$1,000NL (as you do) he took a flop against durrrr’s 3bet with QQ. The Js2sTx flop wasn’t ideal but it would do. He called Dwan’s c-bet then raised his double barrel all-in. Dwan called with AQo and failed to hit any of his seven outs, shipping the Great Dane a $231k pot. Durrrr is down around $2m this year so far.

In contrast, a certain Mr. Antonius is up $2.8m already in 2009. He has mostly been absolutely caning Tom Dwan at the $500/$1,000 PLHA tables, which doesn’t bode well for the 22-year-old, who is to play Antonius as part of his million dollar challenge next month. The former tennis pro is obviously well up for taking on Dwan, as this conversation proves:

Patrik Antonius: durrr i have a question
durrrr: b/c thats obv
durrrr: 8
Patrik Antonius: is david gonna play u?
durrrr: is my answer
durrrr: mmm idk
durrrr: id like to start them early febuary
durrrr: i figure we will figure it out in aussie
Patrik Antonius: phil told me i could play u first in that
durrrr: coocoo
Patrik Antonius: im ready when ever u feel starting it
durrrr: id rather wait until feb, theres gonna be so many
games in aussie
durrrr: or hopefully there will be @ least
Patrik Antonius: i agree

We’re getting a bit moist in the nethers just thinking about this match, to be honest.

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