Confirmed: jungleman12 will be taking durrrr challenge

Confirmed: jungleman12 will be taking durrrr challenge

Monday, 2 August 2010

Rumours have been flying thick and fast but heads-up juggernaut jungleman12 has changed his “probably” to a “definitely” and will be taking on Tom “durrrr” Dwan in the durrrr challenge. So far that’s all we have, with jungleman12 saying on his blog that “it’s going down”.

The challenge will see the two play heads-up across four tables for 50,000 hands. The game isn’t confirmed but it will almost certainly be jungleman12’s specialty of NL and at stakes of $200/$400 most likely. If jungleman12 emerges as a winner after 50,000 hands then Dwan will pay him $1.5m; if he loses he pays Dwan $500,000.

Jungleman12 has been making waves at
Full Tilt Poker
this year after impressive heads-up results, including against Dwan. He lost what was reputedly his entire bankroll to Isildur1 in 2009 before coming back to take on the likes of durrrr.

Fortunately this challenge should take no longer than two or three weeks, as both durrrr and jungleman12 are adept at multi-tabling and long sessions. Take note, Patrik!

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