Cole South now down $1.5m for 2010

Cole South now down $1.5m for 2010

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

We can’t confirm, but there are rumours that in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary next to the word “variance” there will be a picture of Cole South. The veteran high stakes player and former CardRunners instructor is down over $1.5m for 2010.

At the stakes he plays that isn’t crazy bad but when you take into account that in February he was the biggest winner with almost $3.5m profit in the first two months of 2010 you realise – he has lost $5m in the past eight months.

He recently posted on the forums showing his bad luck – in the past 150,000 hands he has run $1.25m under EV; meaning that in all-in situations where he is a favourite he has lost out enough times to punch a seven-figure deficit in his winnings.

Alongside this screencap he posted his results from the same day, during the course of which he had lost $700,000. Though South is an eloquent and talented writer, he had just this to say: “Christ...”

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