Cole South loses $250k

Cole South loses $250k

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Boomtown Rats famously didn't like Mondays and it's fair to say that Cole South felt the same way on Tuesday morning after dropping the best part of $250k earlier this week.

Ziigmund was the main beneficiary of South's Manic Monday (let's keep the pop puns going), taking $145k of the American's cash in a 161 hand $300/$600 PLO match. South got a measure of recompense in a smaller $500/$1,000 encounter recouping $67k from the Finn. CTS lost the rest of the cash in the seven game mix to a variety of opponents, coming out on top only in the stud 8 contests.

With that big win against South you'd thing that Ziigmund would be at the top of the leader board for the day. The Finn may taketh away but he also giveth, ending up with a profit of just over $9k on the day. The biggest recent winners were Harrington25 and David Oppenheim who were in the black to the tune of over $100k.

Joining Cole South as the big loser was Gus Hansen who dropped the best part of $95k, most of it in a single pot to David Oppenheim who picked off the Dane's bluff to collect a very nice $92k pot.

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