Cole South and durrrr profit at the CAP PLO games

Cole South and durrrr profit at the CAP PLO games

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Come back, Isildur1 or Guy LaLiberte. I want some more $500,000+ pots! The high stakes regulars have taken to playing the $500/$1,000 CAP PLO game instead where they can only bet up to $40,000 per hand.

Despite this, some have been scoring huge wins. Yesterday it was Cole South and Tom Dwan that profited most from the games with the latter earning over $120,000 and South winning the better part of half a million dollars.

The biggest pot was a joint biggest pot since most pots hit the $80,000 mark so we won’t tell you about that. However, we will regale you with the tale of Gus Hansen flopping quads, which happened when he held A665 double-suited and hit a 669 flop. The money went in with South holding nothing but top pair and some backdoor draws on the flop; drawing dead after the 3c turn.

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