Cole South and Brian Townsend dominate Full Tilt

Cole South and Brian Townsend dominate Full Tilt

Thursday, 20 May 2010

It was a good day for CardRunners instructors and former CardRunners instructors as Cole South and Brian Townsend both finished at the top of the table after a fairly quiet day at Full Tilt Poker’s nosebleed games.

South added $170,000 to his net worth after a good 629-hand session of CAP PLO while Townsend achieved most of his $100,000 profit in the 7-game, which he has been playing with regularity recently in order to keep up with the live players in high-stakes mixed games.

South could have been richer, though, as he found himself on the wrong end of the day’s largest pot. He and David Oppenheim were playing $300/$600 PLO (uncapped, thankfully) and a 3-bet pot saw the money go in on a flop of Qd-5h-6s.

Oppenheim held 2345 for a massive wrap straight draw while South’s Q897 had much of the same. South was actually a large favourite in this spot as not only does he have a higher pair but his straight draw dominates Oppenheim’s.
Of course, the Gods of Poker listen not to all-in EV and a third five on the turn was enough to send the $120,000 pot Oppenheim’s way.

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