Cole “CTS” South a Huge PLO Winner

Cole “CTS” South a Huge PLO Winner

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The CardRunners boys are showing their mettle in the nosebleed games at the moment on Full Tilt, particularly fan favourite Cole “CTS” South. In the last day he has been on fire at the PLO tables and walked away with an $850,000 profit.

The action began with all the regular players at the $200/$400 tables, moving up to $300/$600 by the morning. Due to a server error on behalf of High Stakes Database the statistics are not 100% accurate but as near as dammit – and what’s $5,000 either way when you’ve won more than ¾ million?

Newcomer Martonas found himself on the wrong end of a $308,000 pot when he and South each put five bets in pre-flop. South then check-raised all-in on the 8h-4d-7d flop to see the – supposed – Swede call with Qd-8d-Js-5s. South had KKT9 with the second-nut flush draw which he made on the river to scoop the pot.

Besides running into the full force of an über-hot Cole South on the $200/$400 tables, Martonas actually walked away a big winner at $300/$600 with over $300,000 profit for the session.

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