Cash Review: Tom 'durrrr' Dwan On Fire

Cash Review: Tom 'durrrr' Dwan On Fire

Monday, 20 October 2008

It’s a good time to be an online cash game player – the games are bigger and more frequent than ever, on top of which Guy LaLiberte has dropped $10.9m in this year alone. Since Forbes estimate his net worth to be the best part of $2bn that’s the equivalent to an average American losing about $12 a week, so it’s hardly breaking the bank. However, it’s very good news for anyone who wants to play $500/$1,000NL.

Plenty of people do, as it happens – Tom Dwan, David Benyamine and our very own Phil Galfond are three of the top ten biggest winners in the last year. Let’s not look too deeply into the fact that between them, the aforementioned group of ten won around $10,900,000. In this new offering from Bluff Europe, we will be bringing you the highlights of the biggest cash games from across the world (well, Full Tilt Poker mostly) every Monday.

Kicking things off nicely this week, Tom ‘durrr’ Dwan got right in the thick of the action on Full Tilt’s deep $500/$1kNL table, taking a $104,827 pot from everybody’s favourite French-Canadian circus owner when his shove with third pair and a gutshot was called by Guy’s double-gutter and flush draw on a 4h-8c-7d-Kc board. Dwan held up in style, making trip sevens on the river to take down the pot.

If a $100,000 pot isn’t good enough for you (and it certainly isn’t good enough for these guys) try this: Dwan raises the small blind when it’s folded to him pre-flop and Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond called with the big blind and position. The flop came a raggedy (although if you’ve watched these games you know that no flop is raggedy) T84r, and durrr check-raised to $14,400 after Galfond’s bet of $4.4k. Not believing the loose-hyper-aggressive Dwan, Galfond put in a small 3bet to just shy of $30k, eliciting a call from durrr. Dwan check-raised the 3c turn all-in and Galfond called, showing his KTo for top pair, second kicker was crushed by Dwan’s AA. The river blanked and durrr took the $267,113 pot. As one witty Two Plus Two poster said: Phil Galfowned. Writing this article almost entirely about Tom Dwan might send out the wrong signals, but the fact is that the young man is literally everywhere in these games – last Tuesday he was spotted playing Ivey heads-up in the Thunderdome, waiting in Ivey Deathmatch and playing $500/$1,000 CAP NL all at the same time with the best part of $1,000,000 across all his tables.

To quickly finish, let’s make Mr LaLiberte feel better by posting a hand that was simply bad luck rather than bad… er, anything else. After trex313 raised to $3,000 UTG, Guy 3-bet to $10,500 on the button and was called. With 180BB effective stacks, 3-bets were hardly uncommon, but the flop action ensured a monster pot when trex313 check-raised Guy’s $36,000 overbet to $72,000. Guy quickly shoved and received a call from trex, creating a $377,830 pot. The chips were shipped away from the billionaire when trex313 flipped 66 for top set which improved to a full house, crushing Guy’s AA. Overpair in a 3bet pot on a raggedy flop in an aggressive game – don’t worry Guy, we’d have done the same thing.

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