Cash Review - Patatino Takes To Omaha

Cash Review - Patatino Takes To Omaha

Monday, 10 November 2008

The only thing that tingles the loins of Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius more than Guy LaLiberte playing poker for hundreds of thousands of dollars is Guy LaLiberte playing Pot-Limit Omaha for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At the beginning of the week he gave us a lesson in how to go broke with hands such as open trips in a three-way, $50k pot with John Juanda and luvtheWNBA – Guy’s trip nines with an ace kicker on a J99 board were ahead of WNBA’s KT96 but way behind Juanda’s KJJ3, which held up to scoop the pot even after the K on the river. After this loss he decided to try out some $500/$1,000 No-Limit. Again.

You have to feel sorry for Guy though. Well, he’s incomprehensibly rich and seems like a really nice guy so overall he’s got it pretty good, but not only is he a massive donator at RailHaven but he runs like Matusow circa 2005, too. Getting the nut flush draw and two overcards with AKss against the lower flush draw in the shape of Dwan’s J7ss is a winning proposition, but the red seven on the river gave durrrr a $100k pot. Later on in the session Guy flopped bottom set against Phil Ivey’s A8 on a T82 board and they got all their money in. The 8 turn and A river was sickening, or would have been if Guy didn’t wipe his French-Canadian buttocks with $40,000 pots.

Tom Dwan was at it again at the $500/$1,000 No-Limit games when he 3-bet LaLiberte’s button open from the small blind. John Juanda bumped it up to a cool $38,000 and durrrr called.

The flop came A58 with two clubs and durrrr shoved, receiving an insta-call from Juanda holding AK for top pair, top kicker. The 4 turn and A river looked safe for the WSOPE champion but durrrr scooped the pot with 67 for the nut straight. A cheeky bluff pre-flop netted the young Dwan a nice $260,000 pot. All in a day’s work in what was a relatively quiet week at the high-stakes games.

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