Cash Review: OMGClayAiken and his $1.5m stack.

Cash Review: OMGClayAiken and his $1.5m stack.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Ah, finally. After all those boring $500k pots and the like it’s good to back in familiar territory with $1.2m stacks, $1.5m losses and huge profits. Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan were two of the people to make a tidy score this week as we saw Phil Galfond break an online poker record and Ziigmund cope with immense losses.

Mrs. Ivey will certainly be happy with her husband’s results early on in the week – Christmas shopping is easy when your man wins $535,000 in one session. His skills at NLHE and O8 meant he clocked that immense profit seemingly easily, including one pot against Patrik Antonius worth nearly $350,000.

Dwan raised under the gun and Antonius called the $3,000 only to see Ivey squeeze with JJ from the BB to $12k. Both durrr and Antonius called to see a T46 rainbow flop. Antonius checked, Ivey bet $27,000 into $36,000 and durrrr called. Antonius then shoved in the rest of his chips to see a call and a fold from Ivey and durrrr respectively. Ivey held the overpair vs. Antonius’s semi-bluff with 75hh for an open-ender that didn’t hit.

Tom Dwan, however, really dominated the $500/$1,000 tables earlier this week with nearly $1m profit in one day. He left two tables with $772k and $445k stacks worth $995k profit. The unfortunate players on the other end of his rampage included Guy LaLiberte, Gus Hansen, Jason Rosenkrantz, Phil Ivey and trex313. Phil Galfond was on the receiving end of the biggest pot in December so far after he got it in with QQ vs Dwan’s AA to lose a $562k pot.

Phil made up for this loss later though and broke a world record in the process. A series of huge wins saw him with the largest ever stack at an online poker cash game – sitting pretty with $1.5m. He left the table with around $1.24m but I’m sure that won’t bother him too much. In the 24 hours surrounding that immense stack Galfond saw profits of $631k, including his personal biggest win in a single pot for $492k.

Galfond’s impressive chip collection still puts him way behind in terms of profit recently, with Tom Dwan boasting an immense $1.1m net. However, spare a thought for poor Ziigmund who is down $1.4m this week. Guy LaLiberte is down $750k but as we all know that’s like your average man dropping a pound coin down a drain.

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