Cash Review: It's obviously all about the Europeans the past couple of days!

Cash Review: It's obviously all about the Europeans the past couple of days!

Monday, 3 November 2008

The action in the high-stakes online cash games over the past week kicked off, as it always does nowadays, with Guy Laliberte losing a few hundred thousand and a RailHaven shark taking the profits.

On a flop of T53 with two spades Guy, trex313 and luvtheWNBA (surely a contender for the ‘creepiest online poker handle’ awards due to his apparent love of tall, sweaty females) engaged in a furious raising war. Firstly, trex313 checked; durrrr checked after him and boob-filled-basketball lover luvtheWNBA bet $11,000. Guy called but then trex313 check-raised to $37,000. Tom Dwan folded his hand and both Guy and WNBA called off the rest of their stacks. LeLiberte had A4ss for the nut flush draw and an overcard; luvtheWNBA showed AA but trex313 scooped a $463,870 pot with TT for flopped top set after the turn and river blanked. Well, the turn gave Guy a pair of fours which is more showdown value than he usually has when he calls off chips.

A quick mention must go to one particular hand between Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond and Patrik Antonius. As high-stakes pots go, $166,100 isn’t much to shout about. However the manner in which it was won makes it worthy of mention. Both got it all in on the turn, both held QQ. However, the fourth diamond hitting the river gave Galfond a Queen-high flush and the pot. Funnily enough, Antonius didn’t decide that online poker was rigged – take note, those of you who moan at bad beats at the microstakes.

However, besides a strange discussion between the aforementioned Finn and Gus Hansen about aeroplane travel, this week has been fairly dry compared to the last. It’s fair enough, seeing as how last week saw a record obliterated four times with $700,000 pots and Tom Dwan sitting with a million-dollar stack at RailHaven.

That said, the last few days have seen some big money flying about. Patrik Antonius booked a +$735,000 session on Halloween, giving himself a nice end to October; a month that saw him up over a million dollars in Omaha Hi/Lo and H.O.R.S.E.. His hot streak continued as he bagged a $975,000 score last night, including a nice $216k pot against Guy Laliberte.

It’s obviously all about the Europeans in the past couple of days – on the first day of the month Gus Hansen added a +$573k Pot-Limit Omaha session to a fantastic month – in October the Great Dane was the largest overall winner at the high-stakes games, making nearly $3m across all the games.

Phil Ivey, durrrr and Urindanger all had million dollar months too, the former making his stacks at H.O.R.S.E. and the latter two at Hold ‘em.

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