Cash Review: It's a Very Merry Christmas for Ivey

Cash Review: It's a Very Merry Christmas for Ivey

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

So since last week coincided with the universal time of goodwill and joy, the day upon which we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Phil Ivey, our schedule went a bit… well, it was as screwed-up as our heads after Christmas Eve at the pub.

So to make up for the lack of updates last week, we bring you two for the price of one in our Christmas bumper package.

So, let’s go back in time to the week before last, where Ziigmund has apparently found the dream of all mankind – a hangover cure. Having lost $1.7m in one day due to playing after a particularly heavy night, the Finn managed to have an epic session earlier in the week, winning over $1.3m.
This massive win came from a profit of $885,000 at PLO and HA as well as $427,000 playing the all-new PLO 6-max $500/$1000 table on Full Tilt. In one hand, his QQxx hit a Q77 flop spectacularly hard in a 3-bet pot and Ziigmund got a full three streets of value and a $325,000 pot from Urindanger.

His doings eclipsed the run of someone doing very well at PLO, Gus Hansen. The Great Dane chalked up a $660,000 profit – and this was before the $500/$1,000 table was introduced. That means he won it at $200/$400: not too shabby.

Unfortunately for Gus Hansen and Ziigmund, their achievements pale in comparison to that of a certain Mr Phillip Ivey. It’s December, which means that everyone who’s anyone is posting a history of 2008 for all sorts of things. Luckily for us this includes Ivey’s cash game graph which has an immense profit of nearly $9m. Alright for some…

One last note slipping in the back like a stealthy ninja: Yet another new screen name has cropped up to take the games for more than $400k. Papa Ninja started being noticed playing $50/$100 PLO. He then took a successful shot playing $100/$200 then finally hit $200/$400 and cleaned up, taking home $421,000.

This week saw Christmas cheer spread mostly between two players, with Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and Gus Hansen winning an immense $3.2m between them over the festive period. Deck the halls and all that…

The new HA $500/$1,000 table proved to be Hansen’s best friend and he was completely unstoppable on it. MR B 2 U SON dropped over a million and Urindanger also lost a significant (more than $500k) amount. Hansen picked up the pieces and a tidy $1.91m profit. He actually lost almost $800k at PLO so really he “only” made $1.1m.

Durrrr looks to be rounding off 2008 nicely as during yesterday's sessions he won more than $1.3 million. This profit was spread across NLHE, PLO and HA, all $500/$1,000 limits. This included a massive $433k pot against trex313.

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