Cash Review: A Bad Week for Ziigmund

Cash Review: A Bad Week for Ziigmund

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

- MR B 2 U SON continues hot streak, winning over half a million at HORSE and PLO
- mastrblastr crushed Ziigmund for $697k at NL100k HU
- Another new nickname pwns the games, Your_NIPMO wins over half a mill.
- durrrr on a roll, he and Ivey take about $1m from Antonius
- LarsLuzak takes about $350k from durrrr

It’s difficult to describe the high-stakes games on Full Tilt Poker as anything but ‘action-packed’ and this holds true even in a week where we didn’t see million-dollar stacks and $750k pots.

The biggest news from within the elite circle of nosebleeders is the arrival of two new screennames. The first was discussed extensively both here and at other (obviously poorer-quality) poker news sites – MR B 2 U SON could be the recently-deposed Omaha-loving Frenchman that we all know and love, or just some randomer with a coincidental screenname.

The second new arrival has been crushing in the same games under the name of Your_NIPMO (whatever the hell that means) but there’s a lot less of a conspiracy vibe about this one. Regardless of stupid nicknames or mysterious identities, the two have been running hot after MR B 2 U SON won $549,000 playing H.O.R.S.E. and Pot-Limit Omaha; with Your_NIPMO winning $20,000 more in the same games.

High-stakes heads-up matches seem to be occurring on Full Tilt more and more often now, and by far the most exciting of the previous week was that between mastrblastr (apparently back from the dead after a noted absence from the games) and European-caps-lock-loving Ziigmund. After playing for two hours, Ziigmund was down almost 700BBs to the recently-resurrected mastrblastr. This is $500/$1,000 – you do the maths.

In fairness, however, the deck wasn’t so much slapping people in the face as bending them over for a spanking. In the first major pot, Ziigmund raised to $3,000 and mastrblastr called out of the BB. The J56 rainbowed flop was perfect for Ziigmund to c-bet after his pre-flop raise and he did so, betting the full pot of $6,000. It helped that he had flopped top pair, top kicker with his AJo. After that mastrblastr check-raised to $18,000 and Ziigmund made it $45,000 after which mastrblastr shoved and Ziigmund called only to be shown Jh6h for a flopped two pair. A while later, both were playing with 230BB stacks and wound up in a 3-bet pot on the flop. Ziigmund held AKo and mastrblastr 33. The flop was K43 – ouch.

The last bit of news worth reporting is that durrrr is back on form after final tabling (and placing fourth) in the PartyPoker Premier League III. He and Phil Ivey took Patrik Antonius for everything he was worth at $500/$1,000NL meaning the Finn is down almost $1m.

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