CardRunners launches new affiliate program to encourage growth

CardRunners launches new affiliate program to encourage growth

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

CardRunners is the largest poker training site online today – built on the foundations of Taylor Caby’s vision and reinforced with the ruins of StoxPoker and an alliance with Full Tilt, it is now possible to learn techniques to win at poker on CardRunners, then grind out the tables at Full Tilt and pay for your next month at CardRunners... it’s a very un-vicious cycle.

“CardRunners and Truly Free Poker Training are valuable tools for poker players of all stakes and games and we’re thrilled to pass some of that value along to affiliates,” said staffer Lana Maier. “If you’re a site that’s in any way affiliated with poker, there’s no downside to joining our program. Not only will visitors to your site reap huge benefits, but as an affiliate, you can also be compensated.”

There are more ways to make money from CardRunners now than simply becoming a poker genius. Referral fees are available for affiliates as well as 25% incremental membership discounts via Truly Free Poker Training.
Currently CardRunners are hosting a video challenge, with their premier instructors competing to produce the best instructional video – any excuse for high quality poker training.

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