Brian Townsend Wins Weekends’ Largest Pots

Brian Townsend Wins Weekends’ Largest Pots

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Full Tilt Poker has been notably devoid of $500,000 pots and six-figure coinflips recently, but Brian “sbrugby” Townsend is taking some time out from making instructional videos at CardRunners to try and remedy that.

Townsend was a durrrr-esque figure before durrrr was around, and he showed some of his old magic over the past couple of days with a great PLO session that saw him finish several hundred thousand to the good.

The three largest pots of the weekend were at the $300/$600 PLO tables, and all were won by Townsend. Two monsters, tallying up to $170,000 and $190,000 respectively, came against kingsofcards with AAxx that held up on dry flops.

The largest pot was a 160BB deep monster, seeing Townsend call a 4-bet with Jh-Js-9s-8h and then check-raise all-in on a 7h-8d-6h board. He was called, and kingsofcards flipped Q952 for a straight – however, any five split the pot and a ten or heart shipped it to Townsend. The 3h dutifully arrived on the river to give sbrugby a $213,000 pot.

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