Brian Townsend Takes durrrr, Ziigmund and Others for $360k

Brian Townsend Takes durrrr, Ziigmund and Others for $360k

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What with Eric Liu’s impressive tournament runs and Cole “CTS” South’s successful re-emergence into the high stakes games, the CardRunners boys are really making their mark. Brian Townsend joined the affray this weekend, with a $362,000 win that left Ziigmund, OnTheRize and – of all people – durrrr licking their wounds.

Playing mostly $200/$400 PLO, Townsend racked up win after win, picking off bluffs and taking advantage of thin value bets to wind up with a $362,000 profit. The only criticism laid at his game is an inability to lay down a hand, something apparent in the way durrrr chose to play a huge $144k pot against him.

Dwan called Townsend’s 4-bet to $10,800 in a $200/$400 heads-up game, check-raising all-in on a 8c-Tc-8d flop. Townsend had AAQ4 with a backdoor diamond flush but he was drawing super-thin against durrrr’s AQT8 for a full house, which held to win the $144,000 pot.

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