Brian Townsend Returns With Six-Figure Profit.

Brian Townsend Returns With Six-Figure Profit.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Brian Townsend has seen his fair share of ups and downs when it comes to poker. From when he first burst on to the scene, playing high-stakes Hold 'em and Omaha less than a year after grinding $0.25/$0.5 for pittance.

When he first emerged as one of high-stakes poker's new young guns he was as popular and adorned as Tom Dwan is today. However, what goes up must come down - he then fell out of the high stakes limelight amidst accusations of multi-accounting, for which Full Tilt removed his red pro status for six months.

He apologised and vowed to start again at $25/$50, working his way up the ranks. He made a stunning five figure profit playing NL5000 to move back up to the nosebleeds and it seems he's back on the up - in the last two days he is up over $130,000.

Brian mentions in his blog that he has played very well in the PLO-5K games during 2009 so hopefully we will see him more and more in the higher games.

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