Brian Hastings wins $350,000 from Ziigmund

Brian Hastings wins $350,000 from Ziigmund

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The nosebleed games at Full Tilt Poker were conspicuous by their absence over the weekend, with the only notable match being Isaac Haxton winning a little over $100,000 after a heads-up $100/$200 session.

However, Brian Hastings and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies got things going with a $500/$1,000 PLO heads-up game yesterday that saw the Finn lose $348,000 in less than 200 hands.

We saw one of the biggest pots in recent memory as the two got over 250BBs in each for a pot topping half a million dollars. Hastings called Ziigmund’s 3-bet and they saw a 4h-5d-3d pot. Ziigmund bet $12,500 and Hastings bumped it up to $30,000. Ziigmund doesn’t like being pushed around, though, and dragged the bar to the $120,000 mark before Hastings shoved. Ziigmund called to create a $569,000 pot.

The Finnish pro held Ad-Jd-Jh-8s for the nut flush draw and an overpair while Hastings had flopped huge with K764 for the nut straight. It held as the turn and river failed to deliver diamonds, shipping him the monster pot.

Overall Hastings finished top of the leaderboard for the day with a tad under $300,000 profit to his name. Jungleman12 kept true to form and netted another quarter of a million while the two Finns, Sahamies and Antonius, lost over $300,000 each.

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