Brian Hastings fights it out with Gus Hansen

Brian Hastings fights it out with Gus Hansen

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Brian “Stinger88” Hastings decided to play Gus Hansen heads-up at Pot-Limit Omaha on Monday, sitting with the Great Dane at the Hansen Knockout $500/$1,000 PLO table on Full Tilt Poker

It took just 54 for hands for Hastings to drop $350,000 as every draw of Hansen’s made it and Stinger found himself on the arse end of the session’s six largest pots. The chat after sums it up:

Gus Hansen: very sick

Brian Hastings: yeah I think ur chances of winnign all those consecutively is similar to winning powerball

Gus Hansen: GG

In one especially unlucky hand, the pot was 4-bet to $56,000. Hansen called the 4-bet and the flop fell Kc-Kd-7c. Hansen lead out $54,000 and Hastings moved in for a tiny amount more. Hansen, getting fantastic odds, made the call.

Hastings had flopped trip Kings with Ah-Kh-Qs-8h and Hansen had a flush draw and countless backdoors holding Jd-6d-6c-5c. The 9s river was a blank but the 2c river made Hansen’s draw and shipped him $177,000.

To watch Gus Hansen in action visit Full Tilt Poker

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