Brent Roberts Wins WCoOP NLHE Rebuy Event

Brent Roberts Wins WCoOP NLHE Rebuy Event

Friday, 18 September 2009

It’s been just over two weeks of the 2009 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, and day 15 of the series saw two huge action-packed events – the $530 6-max No-Limit Hold ‘em with rebuys event and the $2,100 Pot-Limit Omaha event.

World Series of Poker Circuit winner Brent “Astrolux85” Roberts steamrollered the 1,030 entrants in the former event, which along with 1,000 re-buys and 722 add-ons saw a $1.376m prize pool awarding over $200,000 for first.

Roberts began heads-up play against VLs85s with the chip disadvantage, but one crucial hand where his gutshot/flush draw combo outdrew top pair to give him the chip lead. In the final hand, Astrolux85 bet his open-ended straight draw on the turn of a 2h-Th-5d-9d board, seeing a call from short-stacked VLs85s with Ad-2d. The 8c river completed Astrolux85’s queen-high straight and his QJo held up to win him $210,000.

In the $2,100 PLO event (which saw 453 entrants), also a six-handed affair, Chris “moorman1” Moorman narrowly missed a final table spot with a 9th place finish. Eventually, kiiski came to heads-up play against mojave14, aka Felipe Ramos. Ramos got his chips in with a pretty big draw on a 8h-7h-9d board – his Jh7s4h3h had flush, straight and two pair potential.

However, kiiski held QJJT for the nut straight, and a distinct lack of hearts on the turn and river saw him take down the tournament for $172,000 while Ramos had to settle for the runner-up spot and $126,840.

The full final table placings and prizes for both tournaments are as follows:

Event #36, $530 NLHE rebuy 6-max

1st place: Astrolux85 ($210,000.00)
2nd place: VLs85s ($192,480.00)
3rd place: supadphat ($130,720.00)
4th place: GtRealGtOut ($89,440.00)
5th place: djalminha ($58,617.60)
6th place: oncommand ($41,280.00)

Event #37, $2,100 PLO 6-max

1. Jani “kiiski” Vilmunen - $172,140
2. Felipe “mojave14” Ramos - $126,840
3. genoa_st - $92,865
4. Matt “plattsburgh” Vengrin - $63,420
5. Jules “hartwith” Adamson - $45,300
6. Crisper - $28,992

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