Boku87 completes $5 to $100,000 challenge at PokerStars

Boku87 completes $5 to $100,000 challenge at PokerStars

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Remember last year when Boku87 crashed the Two Plus Two forums? He was undertaking what many thought to be an impossible quest, attempting to turn $10 into $10,000 in a fortnight. He did.

This time he sought to transform $5 into $100,000 over the course of a year. Unfortunately his first attempt failed as he played the $0.10 SnGs and $0.02/$0.04 Limit Hold ‘em games at PokerStars but after another $5 deposit he has done it – his account now sits at $100,000 after playing 45,000 tournaments.

"It was a much tougher challenge than I expected and I have had to put in a lot of volume lately, but I think I proved that it is possible to turn a very small amount, like $5 in this case, into a very big amount such as the $100,000 I have achieved here, and that it is possible to do that within a year if you put enough effort into it," Boku87 writes.

Thomas “Boku87” Boekoff earned approximately $55,000 by playing Sit ‘n’ Goes and got the rest of his money via the PokerStars VIP club. Hey, you play 45,000 tournaments you’re going to earn some tasty rakeback treats.

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