Blom back at Full Tilt

Blom back at Full Tilt

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Full Tilt Poker was the scene of some of Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom's greatest moments and just a few days back at his old online home it's like he's never been away.

The young Swede started strongly and was up over $200,000 after three days of play at the recently re-opened site, mixing it up at tables as low as 50c/$1 right up to $200/$400 in the PLO games.

As has been the case with Blom in recent times, there have been plenty of downs to go with the ups and yesterday saw him drop $325,000 after a brutal run at the $50/$100 and $100/$200 PLO tables.

Gus Hansen's first few days back at Full Tilt have been tough too with the Dane down $344k in 4,680 hands.

One man yet to make an appearance at the new Full Tilt is Ilari Sahamies whose recent swings at PokerStars have matched anything Blom managed during his early days at Full Tilt.

The Finn has been on an insane heater in recent weeks, boosting his bankroll by seven-figures but that great run has sputtered somewhat with a drop of $742k over the past few days. Sahamies was down over $1m at one stage but a good session yesterday saw him up over $279k.

The biggest winner at Full Tilt so far is O Fortuna PLS who is up $272,233 after a single session at the tables. Rui Cao also enjoyed a good start, up $232k since Tuesday.

Join Blom and Hansen at the Full Tilt Poker tables with a first deposit bonus of up to $600.

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