Benyamine, durrrr and Hansen – More Swings than Tarzan

Benyamine, durrrr and Hansen – More Swings than Tarzan

Thursday, 18 June 2009

David Benyamine, under the moniker of MR B 2 U SON on Full Tilt, joined Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Gus Hansen in a variance-filled session of PLO that proved how up and down that four-carded game can be.

MR B 2 U SON played the PLO ring games and began well before losing a series of large pots to wind up down $560,000. One hand saw him slowplay KK pre-flop against Antonius only for the Finn to laugh all the way to the bank as his 22 held up on a QJ2 flop. Benyamine made up for his losses in Omaha 8 and HA, clocking an overall profit of $123,000 even with his $500k+ loss at PLO.

Dwan and Gus Hansen were at it again playing heads-up PLO. It’s a good thing that PokerTracker exists because that game was so swingy it was hard to keep track of who was winning what.

At first durrrr started on a roll and was soon up over $300,000 against the Great Dane. Hansen soon caught some cards to make a comeback, though, and found himself six figures up on the young gun. Eventually, though, skill overrode variance for Hansen to leave him $510,000 poorer.

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