Antonius wins over $400,000 at Limit Hold 'em

Antonius wins over $400,000 at Limit Hold 'em

Friday, 3 September 2010

Patrik Antonius took on Phil Galfond for around an hour at $300/$600 heads-up PLO last night and lost $192,000. Despite this, he was still the biggest winner of the day after a great Limit Hold 'em session that saw him take home over seventy-five big bets... at $2,000/$4,000.

He took on deprimiert in the $2k/$4k game and after 1,885 hands of minbet poker had won over $400,000. An additional $100,000 won from IhateJuice in the same game made up for his small loss to OMGClayAiken at PLO and saw him make over $300,000 on the day.

Ziigmund was also back on the leaderboards after a conspicuous hiatus, winning $140,000 and in the process taking down the day's largest pot. He 3-bet and then potted the 8c-7d-4c flop against Cole South at $500/$1,000 PLO and the former CardRunners instructor called. The turn was the As and saw South shove over Ziigmund's $48,000 bet to create a $309,000 pot.

South turned up AJ84 for top two pair but Ziigmund had him absolutely crushed with AAK3 for top set and the nut club draw. The river was harmless on both occassions and Ziigmund took both halves of the pot.

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