Antonius leads Dwan after monster session

Friday, 10 April 2009

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius logged in some major hours in the million dollar challenge, playing from 2.40AM ET until the early hours of Wednesday morning. Over the course of a near eight-hour session the two played 2,043 hands.

After the marathon session, Antonius held his lead in the challenge with a $112,807 profit to bring him $80,707 in the black after 9,290 hands in total.

Antonius’s win was largely down to one big pot. In position after a 4-bet pot, Antonius jammed $21,600 before durrrr check-raised him all-in for about $50,000 more on a Js-7c-5d board. Antonius called with Kc-Ks-Tc-Ts for an overpair but Dwan had Ac-Jc-8s-7s for top two. The running fours on the turn and river counterfeited Dwan’s pair and shipped the huge pot to the Finn.

The session results and overall standings, taken from the Two Plus Two forum, are as follows:

Session 12:
Table 1) TD +$6,736.00 PA -$6,790.50 217 hands
Table 2) TD -$61,823.50 PA +$61,769.00 245 hands
Table 3) TD -$55,666.50 PA +$55,547.00 510 hands
Table 4) TD +$96,326.50 PA -$96,440.50 509 hands
Table 7) TD -$29,425.50 PA +$29,360.00 295 hands
Table 8) TD -$69,420.50 PA +$69,362.00 267 hands
454 minutes 2,043 hands
TD -$113,273.50 PA +$112,807.00

Total to date:
TD -$82,695.50 PA +$80,708.00 30h1m 9,284 hands

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