Antonius isn’t beating me bad enough, want higher tables!

Friday, 3 December 2010

German Limit specialist IhateJuice, who has stopped losing seven figures to Patrik Antonius and started WINNING from Phil Ivey of all people, has asked the man himself if it is possible for Full Tilt Poker to make higher stakes Limit Hold ‘em tables. Yes, higher than the current maximum of $2,000/$4,000.

IHateJuice: btw... can u do me a favor and ask FTP for 3k6k tables?
Phil Ivey: u wanna break me faster?
IHateJuice: this has nothing to do with u
Phil Ivey: i was joking
IHateJuice: :)
IHateJuice: maybe patrik wants to play higher
Phil Ivey: y not jus open up 5k 10k tables and get it out of the mud
IHateJuice: yeah, why not?

So far, IhateJuice has lost almost a million dollars to Patrik Antonius playing heads-up Limit Hold ‘em but has been making enough in the Limit games to still be up over $500,000 for the year. Now he’s taking on Phil Ivey who is widely regarded as one of the foremost heads-up Limit Hold ‘em players in the world.

I made the joke before, but now he’s asking for higher stakes as well – IhateGameSelection should really be a better name for the guy.

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