Antonius has a winning day

Antonius has a winning day

Friday, 19 March 2010

2010 has got off to a terrible start for Patrik Antonius but he has got back to winning ways this week.

The Finn has struggled so far this year posting some massive losses in high stakes PLO games but he's managed to claw some of it back this week.

Stepping down in limits most of the time, Antonius took to the $200/$400 capped PLO games and in a relatively short session of 151 hands managed to turn a tidy profit of $150,000. That's still a drop in the ocean compared to his losses for the year so far but a very welcome move in the right direction. Antonius claimed his biggest pot of the day, $61,287, against David Oppenheim in a $300/$600 PLO game after flopping the nut flush.

It wasn't all bad for Oppenheim though who later took down a pot of $97,211 against Durrrr. All the money went in with Oppenheim holding top and bottom pair and Durrrr chasing an open ended straight draw. Dwan missed all of his outs though giving Oppenheim the biggest pot of the day.

You can watch the action at Full Tilt Poker.

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